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About Me // About Vegas


About Me // About Vegas

Hi, I'm Monique! I am a passionate designer and photographer currently working in-house in South Windsor, CT for TicketNetwork and serving on the AIGA Connecticut Board of Directors as the Director of In-House Programming.

I am obsessed with Las Vegas, so when I heard the AIGA Design Conference was going to be hosted this year in sin city, I knew I had to share some of my favorite snap shots (and a little about me) from the many, many, times (this trip marks 14) I have gotten the opportunity to explore this vivacious city!

I am so excited to be attending the AIGA Design Conference October 17–20. If you are too, reach out! Let's meet up and exchange ideas. We can talk all things in-house design and creative management—I know just the spot.

I hope you fall in love with Vegas as much as I did. You can follow my story on instagram and share your Vegas favorites by using the hashtag #aboutmeaboutvegas.

See you in Vegas!


Some Vegas Typographic Love

I created this piece back in 2014 to showcase my love for Vegas and the excitement I feel the moment I step off the plane after landing in McCarran international Airport (I'm hoping you feel it too). Letterforms were created using only shapes in Illustrator and are inspired by the neon signage showcased all over the city. The sheet music vibe also pays homage to the unique soundtrack of Vegas you will soon get stuck in your head.

Je t'aime Paris

The Paris Hotel is definitely a must see on the strip, and is one of my favorites! I was fortunate enough to visit Paris back in my high school days (thanks Mom and Dad!) and walking through this hotel makes me feel like I never left. This photo was snapped at the valet and taxi line. Go explore, and then stuff your face with a delicious Nutella crepe (yaaas!) from La Creperie they are open till 11PM.

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Take a Little Ride

True Story: I intentionally went to the Forum Shops at Caesars just so I could ride this curved escalator because I watched a special on the Travel Channel that said there weren't too many of these in the world. Go take a ride, it's super fun!

1 Million Dollars in Cold Hard Cash

The corny tourist in me is dying for you to grab a cab and head down to Binion’s on Fremont Street to snap a pic with $1 million dollars in cold hard CASH! The money is located towards the back of the casino, but there is signage directing you to the moola. Oh yea, it's also free and you can touch it (get your mind out of the Vegas gutter).

So Chic

This is just the parking garage at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. If you look closely you can see oncoming traffic. Yes, that is right, I risked my life capturing this gorgeous typography, and I have no regrets.

It's Britney

Vegas is jam packed with live entertainment, and the pop princess in me (#sorrynotsorry) is telling you to go see Britney while you are in town. Grab your crew, or go solo (I did), and relive all her greatest hits. I recommend pit seats (so you can see Miss Spears up close and personal like this shot) you will not regret it.

New York-New York

NYC also has a special place in my heart. As a Western Mass native, I have been visiting the big apple every December with my family since I was 12. Inside the New York-New York Hotel and Casino you can visit Times Square in the desert, or you can grab a cab and head over to the In-N-Out (yes, I have done this once, or maybe twice).

Burgers and Beers

Because sometimes you just want a burger and a beer, and Todd English P.U.B, located inside The Shops at Crystals, has both! They also have amazing fried pickles.

Casino Casino Casino

It's a real life typography exploration! But the great thing is you will never get sick of looking at each and every iteration of the word CASINO because they are all so different, unique, and beautiful. Your creative souls will do jumping jacks (mine still does).

Crystal Clear

This is the Chandelier Bar located inside the Cosmopolitan. Floor-to-ceiling crystals, 'nuff said. Oh wait, they are Swarovski crystals. Let's go!

Gold Rush

Another free must see is the World's Largest Golden Nugget located inside the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street.

Did Caesar live here?

One of my all time favorite movies is The Hangover, and my favorite character is Alan. If you love this movie too, be sure to walk through Caesars so you can relive all the infamous quotes—they are EVERYWHERE.


I feel like this sums up me in about 40 years. Still loving Vegas and winning big! This unique beauty can be found inside Harrah's.

The Hardest Thing

No, this isn't the casino from the 98 Degrees video, but every time I see it on Fremont Street I cannot stop picturing Nick, Drew, Justin and Jeff's iconic dance moves. Some parts of the video were filmed on Fremont Street though. Man, that was a great jam (and now it is stuck in my head).

Hoover Dam

My sister and I visited the Hoover Dam on our first Vegas trip back in 2008 and it is still to this day one of my favorite Vegas memories. Go, it's only 30 minutes outside sin city.

The Flamingo

This beauty is a Vegas strip icon. I mean look at that script, so sexy. Oh yea, you will also need to at least stay here once in your lifetime so you can attend their epic pool party (#truth).

Is it, or isn't it?

This reminds me of a bird's nest. But it's not. I also wish I could buy everything inside of The Shops at Crystals.

Get the Croquettes

That's all you need to know.

Look Up!

Walking through any Las Vegas hotel requires you to look up, or you will miss beauties like these lanterns at the Wynn.

What Can I Say

O'Sheas. One of my favorite casinos on the strip! Make sure you stop here and play some blackjack and craps. The dealers are lively, the music is on point, the dress code is casual, and the vibe is chill. Oh, you can also play beer pong (yep, anytime, day or night).

Vegas Vibes

Catch them poolside. One of my favorite things to do in Vegas is lounge by the pool armed with my sunblock (Vegas sun is no joke).

I'll Have a Margarita

This is the main bar over at Javier's in ARIA. They have the best margaritas on the strip (house, on the rocks, with salt). The whole restaurant is also this gorgeous so make sure you have storage on your smartphone!

Waves of Inspiration

Just another one of the Cosmopolitan's gorgeous installations. You could probably spend an entire afternoon being inspired by this place.

Heaven in Sin City

If you need to wind down from all of your Vegas shenanigans head over to the taxi line outside of ARIA, these little guys will be waiting for you. The waterfall behind cycles water every few seconds which generates a sweet serenade, so you should probably take a cat nap and recharge.


There is no shortage of lights in Vegas, and I never get bored of exploring them.


If you ever find a deal for the Sky Suites at ARIA, you must book it immediately so this can be your guest bathroom (yep, I said guest bathroom). Don't worry, the master bathroom is even more amazing!


Bottom's Up!

I took this photo on my very first visit to Vegas and Fremont Street back in 2008. I have always loved neon signage and was drawn to this funky martini glass. Have some fun with this one! Snap a pic of you holding the martini, it is Vegas after all.



Big Tex

Probably not his real name, but this is what I call him. He lives down on Fremont Street along with all the Vegas swag you can think of (at great prices).


Love, Day or Night

My favorite free attraction on the strip is the Fountains at the Bellagio. I snapped this photo back in 2008 on my first trip to Vegas from the top of the Eiffel Tower (it's across the street, and worth the trip up). Another great viewing spot is from the center platform on the Bellagio sidewalk. It's where the last scene of Ocean's 11 was filmed! And yes, that is a heart made out of water (amazing).

Traffic Jam

Yep, Vegas has traffic too—but somehow it can be beautiful.

It Is Everything You Hoped for and More

Words cannot describe the feeling I got when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. I traveled 6 hours on bus each way from Vegas back in 2008 and it is one of the highlights of my life so far. GO. Just go.

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Vegas Life for Me

This photo was taken from the epic (and free) pirate show Treasure Island used to put on every night on the Vegas strip. This photo captures the epic battle that resulted in one of the ships going down.

Did you pack your bowling shoes?

Strike! Lovin' the vintage vibes from the Brooklyn Bowl sign. I have never been in here, but I hear it's awesome!